Mes Valeurs

I'm Marco Cucci and I have a passion for wood. Passion that constantly leads me to the obsessive attention to details, the care of the product and all the process that leads to desired result: to make a simple, functional product with a great visual impact and respectful of the environment. A job, which often leads to make risky choices, to spend all the days in a single detail, but also a profession, that tooke me over the years, and became a life style. The smell of wood, glue-stained hands, and the painted brushes, now become my daily routine and I couldn't be prouder of it.

It is for all this reasons that I decided to create Bixdesign, my small independent self-production reality, which bases its existence on making by hand and on the quality. I believe that every small craft activity can be synonymous of environmental sustainability. I am strongly convinced that every single object made by hand must respond to a specific need: having something unique, made by expert hands that transform a need into something representative.


All production, from design to packaging (for which I have an inexplicable passion), go through a single craftsman, me. Every single product is fully handmade, and every detail is thoroughly studied before a product is put on sale. In my productions I mainly use wood, a naturally sustainable material, which has an extreme variety of essences that embellish every single object and mekes it one of a kind. And this is my favorite aspect of this material, it makes any object unique.

My ethics leads me to avoid any kind of waste. Many process waste, where possible, is reused in other jobs so as to reduce any superfluous waste. Each Bixdesign product respect the added value of a handmade object.

An ethical and intrinsic value enclosed in a product that requires time and patience to be created. Hands tell a story, which begins with an idea and ends with a unique design object. Bixdesign is also this so, if you have a request of customization Contactez moiI'll be happy to talk with you! .